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Just your adequate Neko gamer who likes making friends and playing games while enjoying her stay in the mortal world UwU


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Neko neko nii~! It is I, NekoRii, but you can call me Eri. Nice to meet nyah~! I am part of the NekoTeahouse, a group of streamers! I do variety games and read webtoons from time to time. I also do art and karaoke at times! And... I loves cakes UwU Started Streaming: March 12, 2021 Twitch Affiliated: May 17, 2021 100 Followers: July 14, 2021 200 Followers: October 15, 2021


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+ **No racism!** + **No bullying!** + **No spamming toxicity!** + **Be respectful~** + **Leave religion and politics out!** + **Chats should mostly be English~**
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Tips are never necessary, but if you would like to tip to the stream, you can do so by typing !tip into chat or clicking the banner above! Thank you :3 Tips will be aimed at buying new equipment to improve my stream, games to provide more content or artwork. (Necessary Disclaimer: You are not paying for a service/product. This is a tip. Tips are non-refundable. When donating a tip, you are certifying that you own the funds and acknowledge that all tips are non-refundable.)


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**SPECIAL THANKS TO NEKOTEAHOUSE** + Minami + Nica + Ryo + Airi **SUPPORTERS** + Doropanda + CDGoods + KonigPhantom + BadLuckJinx + Jani + rosechan + tirpitzironblood + and everyone!!! + [Kuhali]( - For the AMAZING Twitch Badges, Panels and Layouts! She is a wonderful and amazing foxo! <3 Stingers are by: + [Spvwwky]( - That wonderful Ghoul boy who makes free assets! He deserves a <3!
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Wanna meet the gang that exists in the NekoTeahouse! Click down below and check em out!~ [Minami]( [Jani]( [Nica]( [Ryo]( [Airi](