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Just a scuffed seal lurking in some Pho!

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Hi There and welcome! I'm Xaeal, just a pho loving casual gamer! Living in an igloo 🇨🇦 I mainly stream whatever I feel like at the time with no schedule, but scuffed singing, rogue-likes and RPGs are what I like best! I'm very chicken about horror games, but I'd love to try them out some more! Orange is definitely my favourite colour... ...Definitely. Now I have my own pupper named [Tofu]( , playful and mischievous boy! # **CREDITS** >Pfp by God [EROTIPOP]( >Clean Seal Banner Icons, VROID model, PNGtuber and emotes by the amazing [Maylune](!! >Wave, Wow, Heh, Ugh, Wut, Shock Emotes by the biggest cutie [Davanchi!]( >xaealPeek by huge cutie [Freudnim]( >xaealDespair (bocchi) by beeg pog bronya stan [Tsu_namida]( >Seal Spin Start Screen by [carrotsprout_]( >Cheek Pinch Emote by [Ivy]( >AMAZING OFFLINE ART, plushXae and plushPhan , and sealROLL by [fancy_plants]( and requested by [phankeki](! >Logo and xaealPhanShake by the amazing [phankeki]( >Break BGM [itsCoffeeRun]( >Start BGM [ super noot ensemble]( >End BGM - [musihada]( >sealJAM by [pandailee]( and a special potato pengu peepoShy >xaealChicken by [zafybaka]( >Glitch Stinger Transition by Spooky/Spvwvky >xaealAra by [Sireoh]( >Chibis on Game Screen by [Raiire]( >Mini Xae by [neapa]( commissioned by Maylune >Starting Screen Background and Lines [OKUMONO]( >PLEASE GO CHECK THEM OUT!
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> - Please be respectful and kind to each other! > - Don't be rude or complain. > - No Booli! > - No political discussions here. > - Have fun and enjoy yourself! > - Please try to spoilers low, I'd like to enjoy the story for the first time too! > - I'll ask for assistance when needed or let me know if I might miss a secret, but please try to keep them spoiler-free if possible!
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# **PC Specs:** **CPU:** AMD 5600x **CPU Cooler:** Noctua NH-D15S **Motherboard:** MSI x570 Tomahawk **RAM:** Ripjaws (2x16GB) DDR4-3200 **Storage:** WD Black 1TB WD Blue 1TB **GPU:** ASUS TUF 3070 **Power Supply:** Corsair TX650M 650W 80+ Gold Certified **Case:** Fractal Design - Meshify 2 Compact (Black)
# **Milestones** - 50 Followers (Feb 12, 2021 CNY!) Thanks [itsnicolehi]( and [zafybaka]( for the raids! *cries* They're both amazing, please check them out! - Affiliate Activated - Feb 26, 2021 - 100 Folllowers - Apr 1, 2021 - **ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!** Apr 2, 2021 - Apr 3, 2021 24 Hour Stream - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THIS, I can't believe I survived 24 hrs +4 hrs of streaming (28 hrs total)! Thank you all so much for the follows, raids, subs, gift subs and bits, I was crying inside... Thank you to EVERYONE! - First Level 5 Scam Train solo'd by Cinna and Phan - Apr 18, 2021 - 24 Hour Stream #2 and 200 Followers - May 1, 2021 - Cooking + 300 Follower Stream + 6 months of streaming - September 5, 2021 # **Finished Games** - Rakuen - Visage - Stray