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The Official Channel for the Xbox Ambassadors program.

Welcome to the Xbox Ambassadors Channel

##Let's make gaming fun for everyone This channel features Ambassador-hosted streams, live events, talk shows, and even giveaways! All while connecting with other gamers. ###Join a community. Make a difference. [Become an Ambassador]( ###Chat Rules Do not self-promote or promote other channels. Insulting, harassing, belittling, or the putting down of others will not be tolerated. We prohibit political & religious conversations, offensive or inappropriate content. For moderation purposes, English only.

Stream Schedule

*in Pacific Time* **Monday:** Cerebral Paul - *10am-12pm* DoPeY5007 - *4:30-6:30pm* **Tuesday:** GingerAle & BlondiebutGeeky - *3-5pm* SpyShadow - *5:30-7:00pm* Emericagirl24 - *7:30-9:00pm* **Wednesday:** Kiesey - *4-6pm* NorthernZoot - *6:30-8:30pm* **Thursday:** The Edge1970 - *2-5am* aka Scratch - *6-8pm* **Friday:** Amby Staff - *12-2pm* AirFig - *5:30-7:30pm* **Saturday:** Onyxishere - *7-9am* FourNinjaToads - *10am-12pm* IMHEYSUS - *2:30-4:30pm* PalmettoBling - *5-8pm* **Sunday:** Mistress Sara - *4:30-6:30am* SightlessKombat - *7-9am* Viper7Gamer - *1-3pm*
The Xbox Ambassadors Channel is moderated by a team of Xbox Staff and trusted members of the Xbox Ambassadors community. These moderators can issue both temporary and permanent bans from the channel if a user’s behavior violates [Twitch's Community Guidelines](, Xbox Live [Community Standards](, or [Terms of Use](, or any of the rules mentioned above.