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Xiled Radio will be live every Thursday and Sunday from 10PM-midnight ET! Check out the Facebook page for other announcements and playlists.

About Us

Xiled Radio has been been producing shows since 2009. With the pandemic sweeping around the world, it made sense to move the shows here. We'll bring you the best new music mixed with some older tracks. You'll hear industrial, techno, powernoise mixed with goth, shoegaze, synthpop, post-punk, ethereal, IDM, dark ambient, pagan folk, and whatever else we want! All audio recordings can be found at the website: Playlists with links to artists and how to buy their music: It appears Facebook has removed Notes. New playlists are posted directly on the DJ Arcanus page and shared to each event. All playlists will be moved once there's a permanent solution. Facebook Page:

Tip Jar

It doesn't cost anything to be a part of our livestream; however, if you wish to tip us, you can do so via Venmo or PayPal. We promise to use the tips toward all the music we buy to play for your pleasure! Venmo: PayPal: