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┬┴┤°ヮ°)っ I'm bad at games and art but I still try anyways. ☕🐾 FanArt Tag: #マル長アート

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Games currently hopping around ↴

Escape from Tarkov DEEP ROCK GALACTIC HellDivers 2 Apex Legends Total War Warhammer3 League of Legends Overwatch2 Bloon TD6 Dying Light 2 MONSTER HUNTER World & RISE Raft Plate up Divinity Original sin 2 Warhammer 40k Darktide DINKUM

About Me

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🐾**Hello Hello! The name's Maru**🐾 I mostly play games and do the digital version of stick on paper as a hobby. / Work and game at day/ Draw all night/ -**Excuse my scuff ART stream /please come and join the community/**

F.A.Q ↴

1: What do you like to be called? - Maru, RuRu, Mawu, Marururururu, Cho, Shachou 2: What tablet do you use? - Xp Pen Artist 12 pro 3: How long have you been drawing? - Seriously since 9/1/19 ? but took a break for awhile because life. 4: What's your Ethnicity? - a Shiba Inu. jk, I'm half Japanese and half Filipino :) 5: How old are you? - 69 6: Where do you live? - in a Cave 7: What else do you play? - I play a variety of games LoL, Overwatch, APEX, R6Siege, DnD, DeepRockGalactic. TotalWar Warhammer3, Vermintide, Darktide, BG3, Divinity, MHW, GTFO, RiskofRain2, Phasmophobia, Destiny, HellDivers2 , DontStarveTogether, Terraria, Minecraft and etc~ just ask me the game!
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**Tips and Donations are 100% optional~! ** - Your Donations are much appreciated and will help me out so much into improving the stream, feeding me *nomnom*, keeping a roof over my head and creating a better way to entertain all of you! \\٩(๑`^´๑)۶// - naisu~! just tap the header above to help me out! woof! **Note: Donations are non-refundable :c **