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VR only. Streaming rhythm games in Mixed Reality (Synth Riders, AUDICA, Audio Trip, OhShape, Ragnarock) and also story games (horror, puzzle, adventure etc.). Live on Thursdays 7 PM CEST|5 PM UTC and Saturdays 4 PM CEST|2 PM UTC. And we have RACCOONS, lots of them ❀️! 🦝🦝🦝

πŸ“… Schedule

#β”Œ 18. August ──────────────── - 7 PM CEST: **The Secret Of Retropolis** πŸ€– - a robot detective game inspired by point & click adventures. - ~ 8:00 PM CEST: **OhShape** πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ -> For **song requests** view commands section! - ~ 9:30 PM CEST: **AUDICA** πŸ”« - More pew pew! -> For **song requests** and **sabotage commands** view commands section! #β”Œ 20. August ──────────────── - 4 PM CEST: **Ragnarock** #AHOU! πŸ”¨ -> For **song requests** view commands section! - ~ 5:30 PM CEST: **Audio Trip** πŸ”Ί -> For **song requests** view commands section! - ~ 7 PM CEST: **Synth Riders** πŸ•Ί With special custom commands! -> For **song requests** and **sabotage commands** view commands section! #───────────────────────── **Usual schedule** ## Thursdays - 7 PM CEST / 5 PM UTC - Story game + Rhythm game ## Saturdays - 4 PM CEST / 2 PM UTC - Rhythm games #─────────────────────────

βš™οΈ Game commands

#Synth Riders πŸ•Ί **!srr SONGNAME** - Request a [song]( **!srinvaders** - Trigger all 3 invaders (3 🦝) **!srbomb** - Trigger 3 random commands (10 🦝) **!srgif SEARCHTERM** (Show a gif from Tenor in my platform: 5 🦝 - free on birthday) **!srfav** - Just request a random favourite. **!movetotop SONGNAME** - Puts your requested song to top of the queue (10 🦝)! **!queuelist** - Check current queue. **!commandlist** - Shows currently active commands **!timewarp** - Slow down the song **!speed** - Speed up the song by 1.25x **!superspeed** - Speed up the song by 1.5x **!color** - Randomize orb colors **!rainbow** - Turns on prismatic mode **!invaders** - Activates an invader **!embiggen** - Gimme those big balls! **!minimize** - Small notes **!vanish** - Vanishing notes **!warp** - Engage! **!oops** - Removes your last request from the queue **!er rain [AMOUNT] [EMOTE(S)]** - let emotes rain #AUDICA πŸ”« **!asr SONGNAME** - Request a [song]( **Twitch commands** (if enabled) can be found [here]( #Audio Trip πŸ”Ί **!atr SONGNAME** - Request a [song]( Check the current queue with "**!at-queue**". **!er rain [AMOUNT] [EMOTE(S)]** - let emotes rain #RagnarΓΆck πŸ”¨ Request songs: **1.)** Songs from []( "**!rc ID**". Click on the Twitch code button to copy! **2.)** [OST-Songs]( from the game: "**!rost SONGTITLE"**. Check the current queue with "**!r-queue**". #OhShape πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ You can request custom songs as well as OST: **1.)** For custom songs use "**!osr [SONGCODE](**". **2.)** For OST songs use "**!osost SONGTITLE**". Check the current queue with "**!os-queue**". #Beat Saber βš”οΈ **!bsr SONGID** - Request a [song]( **!bsmtt SONGID** - Puts your requested song to top of the queue (10 🦝)! **!bomb** - Triggers a bomb **!queue** - Check current queue. **!er rain [AMOUNT] [EMOTE(S)]** - let emotes rain

πŸ’¬ Chat commands

#TTS commands *German voice is standard, feel free to switch to a different language/accent. No matter which TTS voice you use, please keep it german or english!* **!tts** (how the TTS works) **!english** - us-american english male voice **!english2** - us-american english female voice **!british** - british english male voice **!british2** - british english female voice **!german** - german male voice **!german2** - german female voice #General commands **!raccoons** (show active time and saved raccoons) **!aaaw** (soundfile) **!aua** (soundfile) **!dgs** (soundfile) **!drdick** (soundfile) **!fehler** (soundfile) **!focus** (soundfile) **!focusfocus** (soundfile) **!hypahypa** (soundfile) **!merde** (soundfile) **!mobbing** (soundfile) **!mop** (soundfile) **!nichtlustig** (soundfile) **!nichtmehr** (soundfile) **!nichtnormal** (soundfile) **!schelmerei** (soundfile) **!spank** (optional Username) (soundfile) **!thaimassage** (soundfile) **!twitter** (Xoanon's Twitter) **!uptime** (stream uptime) **!was** (soundfile) **!weibsvolk** (soundfile) **!woohoo** (soundfile) **!youtube** (Xoanon's YouTube Channel) Additional trigger words anywhere in message: **#explode** **Bongo** **NotLikeThis** #You can use collected raccoons for: **!butt** (shake that butt: 5 🦝) **!buttcam** (show 'em!: 1 🦝) **!catjam** (catJAM!-Scene: 2 🦝) **!firstperson** - when in MixedReality: Change 30 sec. to 1st person (2 🦝) **!gif SEARCHTERM** (Show a gif from Tenor: 5 🦝) **!hottub** (peek into my pool: 1 🦝) **!hydrate** (remind me to drink and enjoy: 1 🦝) **!love** (spread the love: 3 🦝) **!mi** (Agent Raccoon: 5 🦝) **!raccjam** (RaccoonJam muted: 2 🦝) **!raccjam2** (RaccoonJam unmuted: 5 🦝) **!raccoonsays** (Simon says... 10 🦝) **!showcats** (view images of my cats: 2 🦝) **!showraccoons** (view fluffy raccoons: 2 🦝) **!soap** (raccoons playing with soap bubbles: 3 🦝) **!spacecat** (try it: 5 🦝) (You can also use **!random** to request a random overlay or **!randomraccoon** for a random raccoon-related overlay. Cooldown: 1 minute.)

πŸ‘€ Not affiliated, because...

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*... it's just about fun! To support me no money needed, I'd be happy if you leave a follow, stay and chat with me or lurk.*

πŸ—„οΈ Stream-Archive

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater, Accounting+, Affected: The Manor, A Fisherman's Tale, Arizona Sunshine, AUDICA, Audio Trip, Beat Saber, BONEWORKS, BoomBox, Conductor, CYBRID, Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time, Down the Rabbit Hole, EverSlaught, Floor Plan 2, Groove Gunner, Half Life: Alyx, Hello Puppets!, Hellsplit: Arena, HINGE VR, Horror Bar VR, I Expect You To Die, I Expect You To Die 2, Job Simulator, Journey For Elysium, Killing Floor: Incursion, Kobold: Chapter 1, Lone Echo, OhShape, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 80's, Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90's, Pistol Whip, pleXus VR, Project Terminus VR, Ragnarock, Shadow Legend VR, Shadwgate VR: The Mines of Mythrok, SUPERHOT VR, Synth Riders, Tentacular, The Atlas Mystery, The Exorcist: Legion VR, The Morrigan, The Secret Of Retropolis, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Transference, Trover Saves The Universe, Until You Fall, Wanderer #πŸ“§ Contact: Discord-Handle: Xoanon#5263 Email:

🦝 #Raccoon

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πŸ‘₯ Team FeVR

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*Pushing the limits of virtual reality.* [FeVR-Discord]( | [FeVR on Twitter]( | [FeVR on YouTube](

πŸ–₯️ Specs for the curious

- INTEL CORE i9-10900K / 64GB RAM - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 - AverMedia Live Streamer CAM 513 - Pulsoid for Heartrate - Valve Index HMD