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engineer, turned woodworker, craft maker and Koi caretaker.

the koi pond!

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ive been working on the pond. the next 6 months will be cold and boring at the pond. There have been lots of new changes, we have added crushed stone to the pathways and suffered many losses including the network hardware and a camera due to my lack of water proofing. will stream again someday.

my dog

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I am XraySpecialistpunk, just call me ray! You can find me here at random times, doing random things, like making anything that comes to my mind, or is needed or is fun to make, or fixing broken things. There is never question of what i can do. More like what I have the time to learn to do! (within physical limitations) The wonderful dog is Bud! By the way my streams are frequently interrupted by the needs of my family, so please be patient with any interruptions I will do my best. Hope to see you soon. All are welcome to visit and participate in my Discord server. Discord link = as in life there are disclaimers to be maid. i cuss i break things but i try to keep my "bad behaviour to a MINIMUM" i try to enforce a "50 foot drama free zone" in my life and online. I not only expect but DEMAND you do the same at least whilst in my chat or discord. to put it simple to misbehave offensively or otherwise. after 1 warning will result in a ban no second chances with drama in my life!