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Yoo Guys Welcome to my channel My name is Ninja and I Love anything Pokémon. Im 23 y/o & from Maryland, I stream Pokémon Sword & Shield Because its my favorite game and love to give back to my community any way I can! During Streams I Usually For Example -Host Shiny Raids -Giveaway Boxes Of Shiny Pokémon -Shiny Hunt / Egg Hatch -Game Playthroughs -Tutorials -Subscriber Streams -SUB Giveaways (Nintendo online pass, Digital Download of Sword & Shield, Etc.) I will continue to strive and work hard to bring the best content I can! I hope to see everyone in the stream make sure we follow and turn the bell on for notifications. Feel free to stop in say Hello, join the chill vibez or even just Hangout with the ninja army! -Ninja :D


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-MONDAY 9:00am - 4:00pm -TUESDAY 9:00am - 4:30pm -WEDNESDAY 9 or 7:00am - 5:00pm -THURSDAY OFF -FRIDAY 9:00am - 3:00pm -SATURDAY 9:00am - 1 or 2:00pm -SUNDAY OFF ** Keep in mind im on the East Coast so all times are Eastern times and schedule is subject to change! **


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Make sure to join our growing discord channel by using the !discord command in the chat! Lots of amazing people and lots of fun is waiting for you don't miss out join today!! :)


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Donations are optional & very much appreciated if you do wanna donate just click the link. All donations go directly into supporting the stream & my channel. Thank you in advance I really do appreciate the support. It goes along way to help the stream out I have big plans and I know we can come together as a community to make anything possible Much Love - Ninja :D


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-Be Excellent to each other -Have fun -Be patient -Follow first -Get in on the shiny action -Stay positive :) -Chill vibes only! -Speak English plz -Don't Be Toxic -No Racism -No Bullying -Keep The Drama away -Don't Promote Or Self Promote -No Begging -Don't Ask to be Mod/Listen To The Mods -Don't Be A Dick or Asshat -Don't Hog Raids -Trade At Your Own Risk -NO CODES!! -Be Aware & Reply With Nintendo Names -& AGAIN MAKE SURE TO HAVE FUN !!!!


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I Just made this YouTube channel so make sure to subscribe and hit that bell for notifications to make sure you keep up with all the new videos I post Thankyou guys !! -Ninja


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These are all the awesome items I use to be able to run an amazing stream check them out! ~Blue yeti "Blackout" Microphone ~CyberPower 2060 s Extreme Desktop Computer, Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6GHz, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB, Windows 10 ~AOC 27' Inch Curved Moniter HD ~CyberPower "Blackout" Keyboard ~6X El Gato Hd 60's ~MSI Razor NAGA Trinity Gaming Mouse

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Make sure to join our Facebook group ! We are trying to expand the Ninja Army and we need your help join today !


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Become a patron for unlimited access to ALL shiny Pokémon in Sword & Shield ! Plus you get the patron role in the discord and offer another level of support to the ninja fam. Much love -Ninja