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Im Silverr and welcome to the Wolf Den!! It’s PAWesome to meetcha!! Variety gamer and streamer that loves meeting new people and making new friends along the way!! Come hang with me and my Pack as we embark on this amazing virtual journey!!!🐺💖🐺


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Awooo!!! Hey!! Im Silverrwolf, but friends and fam call me Silverr!! Nice to meetcha!! First thing, I'm a Gamer Mom so my cubs ALWAYS comes first! I've been gaming from the age of 5 with my brothers and my cousins and always loved it!! Let's See... Oh yeah! Streaming.... I started Streaming on Mixer back in 2019! The community, friends and fam that I have accumulated over time has been IMPECCABLE!! I loved it and havent stopped since! When Mixer shut down (right on the brink of me applying for partnership) I, like so many others, was devastated and after a short bit, I came to Twitch and brought My Wolf Pack and Den right along with me! I do have goals, dreams and ambitions to one day become a full time streamer and I know one day I will get there!!! My channel is all about POSITIVE VIBES ONLY...anything negative, please do not enter in the Den with it, or you will be dealt with accordingly!!


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1. NO hate speech/ Discrimination of anyone's race, sexuality, Religion, or gender. 2. SPAM THOSE PAWESOME EMOTES IN THE CHAT!! LETS THE TURN TF UP!!! 3. NETWORK! NETWORK!! NETWORK!!! Get to know the streamer, the followers, the viewers, everybody!! GET TO KNOW SOMEONE NEW!!! 4. SUB SATURDAYS ARE FOR MY SUBS ONLY!!! If you're a subscriber to my channel, LET'S RUN SOME GAMES!!! 5. Respect The Streamer, Betas, and followers/viewers. 6. Last but not least.... Have fun and enjoy the stream!!! AWWOOOO!!


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**SILVERR's CHOSEN BETAS:** **MY ALPHA BETA** {HEAD MOD}: 1. EscoFl0w1 **BETAS** {MODS}: 2. D_Nyce20 3. DangitBobby007 4. EmojiThug_Gaming 5. FlyTripleJ 6. JD_Supreme_Gaming 7. Jnasty843 8. KandyB_TTV 9. MewZakura 10. MissSevyn 11. NallyBoyRay 12. NiahhGaming 13. STGSlipshot 14. Taeology 15. The_King_of_Karnage 16. uhReaper **SILVERR's VIP ROLE CALL:** **{MY MVIP}** STGCHASE860 **VIPs** 2. AsiaBxFRAT 3. Beanz2King 4. Bunnii_Gang 5. DMOxFRAT 6. ImGokuuBlack 7. JayEveryDayKDT 8. JazziexBoo 9. King_Savage1775 10. Mr_Wonderful718 11. Whoeveeer


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Due to my work schedule, my stream schedule will be altrered around those times....ALL TIMES ARE EST!!! Mondays {o/w}: 3:00pm -6:00pm Mondays {work days} 9:00am - 12noon Wednesdays: 9:00am -12noon Fridays {o/w}: 3:00pm - 6:00pm Fridays {work days}: 9:00am -12noon Saturdays {o/w}: 10:00am - 1:00pm Saturdays {w/days}: 9:00am - 12noon


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Hey guys!! I am sooo excited and pleased to announce that My SILVERR BUNNII Collab Merch HAS FINALLY DROPPED!!! Click my pic and Hop on over to the store and get your HOPPIN HOWLTASTIC Merch TODAY!!! Don't forget to use code XSILVER at checkout for a Pawesome discount!!! #HopWitUs


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**Twitter:** xSilverrWolf **Instagram:** @xSilverrWolf **TikTok:** xSilverrWolf **Reddit:** u/xSilverrWolfx **Xbox:** xSilverrWolf **Activision ID:** SilverrWolf#1068277 **Epic:** xSilverrWolf **Battle Net:** xSilverrWolf#1566 **Dead By Daylight:** xSilverrWolf#b3bc


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Want to support my stream? You can support by sending tips and donos to my Cashapp to help me bring better content and streaming equipment


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**KILL OR DIE TRYING** **The KDT Mission Statement:** KDT is a Gamer, Streamer, Content Creator, and Content Seeker network and support Company. KDT provides technical support, marketing services, and community events for streamers and content creators. KDT provides a platform that brings Gamers and Streamers from all over the world together. KDT works with streamers and content creators to help them build genuine friendships and connections that lead to generic support for streamers and gamers. **The KDT Vision Statement:** To assist streamers and content creators in the development and creation of content, while cultivating real genuine connections and friendships. To bring content creators and content seekers together to allow for growth and exposure. **OUR Slogan:** “In KDT, you're NOT a number…you’re FAMILY!!" "Be the support that you want to receive!" If you think this type of community is for you, tap the link and join our discord!!! We would be glad to not only have you, but connect and grow with you too!!! See you in the discord!!! Awoooo!!!


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Calling ALL Gamers, Streamers, Content Creators and Supporters!! KDT GAMING REDDIT page is the place for you!! Similar to our discord, the reddit page is for you to also connect, grown and network with other like-minded individuals that have the same passion as you do.


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Join in on the Magical Wizardry World with the KDT fam and friends on our Reddit page!! The ever fastest growing networking and gaming reddit group!!! Post your clips, screenshots, ask your questions, glitches and even easter eggs!! We are forever growing and learning different thoughts and feelings on the game from all walks of life...we even made a friend..or a few thousand!! So why not get in on the fun and discussions!! JOIN US!!!!


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COMING JUNE 6TH, 2023 DIABLO IV DROPS FOR ALL DIABLO SERIES FANS!!! Members of KDT have already played the beta and are excited to share some gameplay with you!!! So join us on for the adventure and fun as we embark the journey of the underworld with members of KDT and many more!!! While we game together, we grow together!!!