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If you spend a couple minutes installing this, I get a buck that goes towards stuff for improving my streaming quality and giving me incentive to stream in the first place. You don't have to, but it'd be greatly appreciated!


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Donations help keep the stream as enriching as possible, and helps to improve the overall quality of my equipment as well as the experience you are given by watching. They are not necessary, but greatly appreciated!


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Subscribe please, it would make my day!

Games I play

1: N++ 2: Celeste 3: Osu! (take that pixl)

Muh Rig

i5 6600K (Skylake) Asus Z170M Plus MoBo Geforce GTX 960 (Windforce 4G) G.Skill 16GB DDR5 3600 FQ Sandisk 240GB SSD 750W Corsair PSU