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Lover of old time RTS Games, absorber of many fandoms information, Runner of blood gulch in Teal armor, all around video game enthusiast


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Tier 1: You get a sound command to let all know you've entered the stream. 2 emotes for now, more to come along with other rewards. Tier 2: 1 extra sound command Tier 3: 1 extra sound command I also do stream movies for anyone in my discords on Sundays! Its been extra fun to show movies to people who've never seen them before.


Respect my mods, they know my rules and enforce them. They are considered family to me. This is an 18+ community! Don't be a D*ck. It's not hard! It literally doesn't cost anything. Don't spam chat with the same message over and over.


!listen !broken !crabrave !gg !nopass !shame !lurk !itsatrap !bruh !listen !hobbits !shame !fart1-5 !fartatyou !tossme !titanic !rip !doit !fail !fine !frodo !darkness !gotem !halo !itsatrap All of these are sounds everyone is free to use when ever they feel like. Just dont abuse the sounds please.