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Disabled Vet, Gamer. Level Up Cup, Guilded, JuJu & Hades.Place Partner!

Goals for VE Sewers

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Clan Chat: Xyphien Use command !Goal to see what Xyphien's current goal is. # [Image of Goals]( Kill lvl 13 Zombie for: Bronze Med Helm: CHECK 2/22/2024 Bronze Longsword: CHECK 2/22/2024 Iron Axe: CHECK 2/26/2024 Kill Lvl 24 Zombie for: Tinderbox 10 Crafting: (After this I will leave Varrock for the only time to complete Druidic Ritual, Grab Flax to make bowstring, and grab a spade) Fletch Bow: Get 51 Agility to unlock Edgville Dungeon: Level Up Herblore to 38 Herblore: Craft Prayer Potions: Acquire the following: Mithril Sword (Moss Giants): Earth Staff (Earth Warriors): Rune Med Helm (Black Demons): Rune Chainmail (Black Demons): Kill Bryophyta: Kill Scurrius:

Xyphien LLC

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One of my companies. I make card games, board games, and video games! All of them are through this company! # [Company Server]( - Join my companies server. # [Demi Card Game]( - A mythology based card game available now! # [Pixacrea]( - A franchise consisting of a Trading Card Game, a Relaxing Island Builder Video Game, and a Monster Taming Adventure game! The TCG is available right now!

Level Up Cup

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My second website, Level Up Cup is a nerdy cup company! Making anime cups, husbando cups, shaker cups, mugs, whiskey glasses, and SO MUCH MORE! If you're looking for any cool cups to snag, this is for you! # [Company Server]( - Join my companies server.


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# [Buy Emojis]( - All of my Emojis are made by this person, or edits from art they've made for me. # [Guilded]( - I am a proud Partner of Guilded, a platform similar to Discord with a ton more features. Subscriptions (similar to patreon), tournaments, calendars with RSVP, forums, Documents, Blogs, and more! It's amazing, and unlike discord there's NOTHING hidden behind a paywall! # [JuJu Energy]( - JuJu is more than just another energy drink. It’s a healthy, high energy and focus formula. It is Sugar Free and has natural caffeine.

About Me

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I'm Xyphien, also known as Chaun. I'm an avid gamer, Halo fanatic, webmaster, business owner, and a Disabled Veteran. I served 4 years in the army before blowing out my knee on deployment. If you're wondering how, it was a dark morning, and there I was... running as fast as I can, then out of no where a giant pot hole was in my way, and I popped my knee out. I was doing a 13 mile run... nothing impressive, sorry.


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I've been medically discharged from the military, though I'm living off of my limited pay any amount of donations helps a lot! Especially with a failing computer :'(


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The full series of VE Sewers will be available on my main youtube channel. This series will have a TON of edits, and be genuinely better than the stream as you will be able to skip all of the thousands of hours of grinding I'll be putting into the game!

My Server

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Join my laid back Guilded server so you can get all of the information on everything I do. From company related content, to stream times, 1 on 1 discussions, and more!