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I like video games and music.

Basic Info

I mostly stream Black Desert Online, GTA V, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Assetto Corsa, and Elite: Dangerous. Most of my streams are in the evenings on the west coast and have a heavy electronic/hip hop/rap influence. I mostly use a mic but not always, and only sometimes use a camera. I don't do the "talk to yourself" banter bit either. If it is quiet and you have a question or something intelligent to say, you can use your words too.


1. I used to be a Twitch Affiliate but I got rid of it because the money isn't why I stream and the expectations that come with it were an unwanted distraction. 2. All alerts are disabled. I don't care about my view count, or congratulating everyone for clicking the follow button. I've found that most people who follow within the first few minutes do so to "make the monkey dance" or "test the streamer" and I'm filtering those people out of my stream by purposefully ignoring them. 3. I generally don't take requests for locations in MSFS or music except from VIP's or regulars. 4. No backseating unless you're a VIP. This includes telling me something is "wrong" with my stream. 5. Raids are disabled unless I'm following you. I'm going for a dive bar atmosphere where randoms wander in one at a time and only groups led by people I trust to not ruin the vibe get past the bouncer.