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Hello! I stream GTA RP on NoPixel both in the Whitelist server and the Public Server. I RP as 663 Cadet Michael "Sweet Cheeks" Hemsworth on Whitelist and 436 Sgt. Michael "Sweet Cheeks" Hemsworth on the Public servers.

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Hey guys! I'm a new streamer trying to get my dream started into becoming a full time streamer! but as for right now Im just a normal person who loves to play video games! I usually only stream when times allow it but Im going to do my best in to making a schedule so you guys can catch my streams whenever its convenient for you! Hope you enjoy my Stream!
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Donations are not required but are very much appreciated to help out the stream!
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Hello all! Everyone is more than welcome to chat and voice their opinions here in my channel but there must be rules you have to follow! - NO RACISM!!! (Perma Ban for any racist remarks!) - Be Respectful to other viewers/chatters - No Self Promoting unless i approve of it in stream! - Just sit back relax and Enjoy the Stream!