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yami_yaki streams Marbles On Stream, VRChat and Just Chatting.

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IG: yami_yaki Twitter: @yaminoyaki Discord: Music Provided by http://spotifi/NCS
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Hey Y'all welcome to the stream! you can call me Yaki. I love video games and i decided to stream my gaming experience to everyone so I hope you all Enjoy! If you have any questions please ask and dont forget to hit me up on discord! Multistreaming with Mixer Name: THC-Yaki Please be kind and courteous in the stream. Any negativity or harassment and you will be punished. Let's play nice!
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Donations are not required but are appreciated! If you would like to donate click the image above please and thank you! All donations are non-refundable! thank you! Click on the Donations Panel to donate :)


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If you're looking for someone to create your emotes like these give Notsoheadless a DM!!

PFP, Banner, and Panels Artwork

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To contact the artist who worked on my PFP, Banner, and Panels, click the image for their email