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Yeju is a Korean-American singer-songwriter based in South Korea. Initially a classical musician, she began writing her own songs in late 2018.

What is "yejuniverse"?

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The name of my channel is a combination of my name, "예주 (yeh-joo)", and the word "universe". I created this name hoping that I could find self-acceptance in a separate plane of existence with my creative work, free of all the expectations and societal standards that discourage us to be our genuine selves. Music, in its purest form, is freedom and self-expression. In addition, my older sister's name is "우주 (ooh-joo)" which means "universe" in Korean. My older sister has been my role model, inspiration, and best friend all my life and I'd most certainly share an infinite number of galaxies with her.
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What do I do?

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Although I started out as a classical violinist, my interests shifted throughout my high school years and I suddenly found myself deeply engrossed in songwriting. Singing, which once served as a stress-coping mechanism, became much more: a passion that I was ready to fully pursue. On this channel, I sing and accompany myself on several different instruments while chatting in between songs with all you lovely people. Expect some technical difficulties and being prompted to explain seemingly obvious Gen-Z lingo to me. As someone who was born in 1925, it's tough to keep up with the fast-paced youth's culture. Although I'm still learning in many ways and trying to grow as a musician, I hope you'll join me on this journey!

Théo 테오

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Théo is a Scottish Fold cat born on January 3, 2021. He was, in all honesty, named after Theo of P1Harmony. Théo loves food so much that I can never eat in peace as long as he lives in my home. Eating is like a warzone as Théo hides behind the barricades (haphazardly stacked books), waiting for the perfect moment to strike. He also likes belly rubs, hats (but not really), and drawstring pants.