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He/Him They/Them 26 y/o T1D . I really love playing videogames (especially Rocket League) I never rage at teammates, I only get disappointed with myself LUL . I am also completely in love with my pup Marble. (See emotes)

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Hello! My name is Nick (26 y/o) and I'm a full-time streamer who recently started playing RL in November 2020. Rocket League has changed my life in ways I did not know were possible. It's motivated me to better my health, state of mind, and discipline. I enjoy this game and streaming on a very pure level and it only feels natural to share my experience with everyone who wants to chill and have a good time. It's beautiful when people share/indulge in their passions without holding back. Please do not feel afraid to be yourself, it's the most interesting part about you. Also I love basically all animals on some level.


Graduated FIU in 2018 with: BS in Mathematical Sciences BS in Interdisciplinary Studies
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