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Been gaming since the 70s. I work hard and love my time gaming or spending it with my family. remember folks.... a happy wife is a happy life!. hope you enjoy my brodcast.

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- im an old gamer grandpa.. You will usually find me on DCUO after work. I stream to be able to interact with people. Come play and chat with me. - [Discord]( | [Twitter]( | [Youtube]( | [Merch]( | [Donations]( | [TicTok]( | [cashapp]($ynotleon69) | [Hover]( |
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- Respect the streamer & others in chat - especailly My Moderators - No posting links unless asked to - Don’t ask to be a moderator - No spoilers, tips are okay - No racial slurs or Gender phobic comments
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- Mon. noonish... - Tue. 8pm - 10pm - Wed. 8pm - 10pm - Thu. 8pm - 10pm - Fri. 8pm - 10pm - Sat. depends on work day = Sun. 8pm - 10pm - Times may vary depending on important family matters..... ice cream run may interrupt stream.

no cursing timer rules

- Add 5 minutes using channel redeem. - Add or subtract 5 minutes per subscription. if you gift sub to the channel you have option to either raise or lower current time by 5 minutes per sub. - gifting subs also earns 5000 additional channel points per sub. - if i curse before time is up then i have to reset timer. - any time left over will continue into next stream. - 500 bits also gives the choice of 5 minutes add or subtract.

My wife's art supply wish list

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My amazing wife needs help getting art supplies any help would be greatly appreciated.