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Born in San Felipe, Chile living in Boston. A pun loving aficionado while having an unhealthy addiction to avocados.

A cosplaying avocado

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Hey there, if you've made it this far, TURN BACK. All that will follow are sigh induced puns, face palming and dad jokes. Still here? You really must want to laugh at my misery... Welcome you'll feel right at home! Name is Chris, and I'm a relatively new streamer. I'm addicted to avocados in the worst way possible (I seriously am, ya'll think I'm joking but I'm not). I love dark humor, Zelda Memes, Ferrets, and Nyx Ulric. I have an abusive relationship with Arsenal FC, and I cannot escape. I think you see a pattern (I'm a glutton for pain) for what kind of human being I am. Love tattoos and all things macabre and watercolor. Shoot me a message on my social media pages and I'll answer as fast as I can! Thanks for stopping by (I mean, you read everything so that means we're best friends)! Finally Built my own rig, and there is nothing I cannot stream! Love fantasy streaming, and especially going ham in PUBG. Still looking for more ideas and games to play with new friends! So let me know if there's games I'm sleeping on. Co-Host of the Black Oni Podcast! Check the other panels to view our YouTube Channel, Podcasts, and blog! #Social Media: ##[Instagram]( ##[Twitter]( ##[Facebook](


Hey guys! I'm going to work with charities in the future to bring your help directly to them! For now, you can donate [**HERE**]( Thank you so much!!


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I'm heavy on Instagram, as In I post daily over there. I really can't believe the support I receive there and on Twitter, you guy's are amazing! One day I'll return the love and support in a crazy way. I recently made a Facebook, where I'll post more WIP stuff, live FB viddeos, and Updates! I posted my stuff below, I'll be working on growing the support first before selling prints! I really want to give back 100% of the support I get from everyone! Let me know if you like it, and let me know if you have any requests for me to cosplay! Click [**HERE**]( or on the image above! ##[Facebook](

Black Oni Blog

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Our blog features articles, updates, and more regarding video games and nerd culture! Check it out for all the latest hype.

Black Oni Collective

The Black Oni guys and I do podcasts every so often which are uploaded here. We talk about everything from the future of games to saddest gaming moments!