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Your one and only Nekoochi, Yoorana! 🐾

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#ABOUT ME >**Artist Name:** Yoorana **Nicknames:** Yuuna, Yoora, Yoo **IRL Name:** Melody **Birthday:** 7th January **Species:** Nekoochi (FAQ for more info) >**Love:** Art, animation, gaming, my BF obv duhh, dumb puns, etc... **Hate:** Bugs, raw veggies, playing horror games, feeling fear, etc... **Love/Hate relationship:** Gacha ( Fate/Grand order) # WHAT I CURRENTLY STREAM > + Art > + Live2D Rigging > + TFT (League of legends) > + Holocure > + Cat Quest II > + > + Fate/Grand Order
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Just 100 channelpoints to spin the Plushi wheel. What you're waiting for?
#✏️ DRAWING EQUIP >**Drawing Tablet:** XPPEN Artist 24 pro **Shortcut Device:** TourBox Elite **Drawing Software:** Adobe Photoshop 2021 #🎥 STREAM EQUIP >**Model and Tracker:** VtubeStudio **Vtube Cam:** iPhone 12 pro >**Fluff Cam:** Elgato Facecam Full HD **Headset:** Steelseries Arctis Nova 7x **Mic:** Build-in mic of my headset. Hahaaha... I have an Elgato Wave 3, but due my set-up *(Literally have a podcast set-up)* I can't use my "good" mic **Keyboard+Mouse:** a random keyboard+Mouse deal I got for €20, 10 years ago. #🖥️ PC SPECS >**Motherboard:** Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE **CPU:** AMD Ryzen 7 5800X **GPU:** GIGABYTE Geforce RTX 3070 Ti **RAM:** Corsair DDR4 Vengeance RGB Pro 2x16GB 3600


>🐾 Only Love and Positive vibes allowed 🐾 Possible 18+ language and content, you have been warned! 🐾 No Random Links! 🐾 No Backseating (Unless asked) 🐾 Keep Heavy topics & Political stuff for yourself! (Any will lead to instant time-out) >🐾 No harassment and hate speech in any kind. (Any will lead to instant time-out or Ban) >🐾 Just be a Nice Hooman <3!!

❔ FAQ ❔

#What Is N'oochis/Nekoochis? > **N'oochis** is the shorthand for **Nekoochis** It's a hybrid species that can shapeshift between a catblob (=Noochi form) , human form and demi-human. > We, N'oochis are a group species, we always come with a group of min. 3. > Our Noochi form is our most comfortable form but to blend in we will use our human form, so we are less vulnerable > Demi-human and human form can only be obtained after a certain age and after reaching special requirements. The requirements can varies from N'oochi to N'oochi #What is my Vtuber lore? > I came from a far away planet called Okeni. > But we had to flee our planet due a tragedy and we have been scattered across the galaxy to find an other planet to live on and have all of our fellow brothers and sisters be together once more. > Me, Moocha and Moocho has landed on the planet earth and so far earth seems quite suitable for us, N'oochi to live. > During my 21st birthday we celebrated my birthday and ate alot of sweets and had the comfort of my brother and sister cuddling up together and slept. Till the first sunrise shine upon me and I noticed I was in an other form. With this I was able to blend in with the other earthlings.
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# COMMAND LIST >+ !lurk >+ !watchtime >+ !tools >+ !discord >+ !yt >+ !accountage >+ !uptime >+ !time >+ !active >+ !offline >+ !viewers >+ !friendcode or !fc

🎉Milestones 🎉

>**14 JAN 2021** ▸ Started Streaming! **2 FEB 2021** ▸ Hit Affiliate! **22 FEB 2021** ▸ First 100 Followers! **18 MAY 2021** ▸ 200 Followers! **14 NOV 2021** ▸ 300 Followers! >**17 MAR 2023** ▸ Return after Hiatus >**18 MAY 2023** ▸ 400 Followers! >**10 SEPT 2023** ▸ 500 Followers! >**Soon?** ▸ 600 Followers!


#MODEL CREDITS >Chibi Vtuber Model ▸ [Mina]( >Chibi Vtuber Rig ▸ [Me]( >PNGTuber Model ▸ [Oro]( > Vtuber model ▸ [Miruzaya]( #STREAM CREDITS >Pixel art + animation ▸ [SirUberKat]( >**Emotes:** >+ Jam ▸ [Vani]( >+ Music ▸ [Cyderal]( > Everything else probably [me](


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>All the amazing lofi anime music belongs to [HarenPiano]( >Subscribe to the channel for more comfy music! >I have my own selection in this playlist [Here](