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Hello! I'm YourfriendJ0n and I am here to be your new guilty pleasure. I Primarily play single player games while also doing my best to entertain you with random ideas that pop into my head. Chat, Lurk, Follow and subscribe if you enjoy the rants and content and make sure to say hello!


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If you are feeling Charitable and don't want twitch to take half feel free to donate to my Pokémon card funds! All donations will be put back into the stream in the form of Pokémon pack opening streams!

Streaming History

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2022 Goals: 2.5k Followers 1 100 viewer average stream 500 subs in one month Major goals: Make enough to let my wife quit her job and become a stay at home mom like she wants to do! Become a full time streamer and be able to entertain you with longer streams! Streaming Milestones: 07/15/21:The start of consistent streaming 08/11/21: Affiliate Acceptance! 10/04/21: 250 Followers! 11/11/21: 500 Followers! 12/01/21: 750 Followers! 01/02/21: 1000 Followers! **/**/**:More to come


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Sunday - 9PM Monday - OFF Tuesday - OFF Wednesday - 9PM Thursday - OFF Friday - 9PM Saturday - OFF ALL START TIMES ARE BASED OFF CENTRAL TIME ZONE TIMES

Pokémon Card shop!

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If you are in need of Booster boxes, ETB's, Single packs or just stock up on TCG supplies then go to my sponsor Paladin Cards! Use my code Yourfriendj0n5 for 5% off your first order!

Gamer Supps Link

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Use this link to stock up on your Gamer supps! Make sure to use code Infantry and send me your order number to help me become a FULL PARTNER!


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Feel free to bully me but don't bully each other unless its obvious its in good fun. Treat others with respect and dignity. Please refrain from political or religious conversation. No stupids in chat.


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If you want to know my random day by day thoughts then give my twitter a follow!


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I show off final pictures of lego projects an and give updates to whats happening on stream that day! I also will post funny memes or things I see around the internet too...

Games Beaten

Tunic Outlast 2 Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond Halo Infinite (legendary) Hades Shadowman Visage Donkey Kong Country Soma 12 minutes