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I'm an Indie Game Designer and Narrative Designer. I appreciate all the help and support to learn how to stream better cuz I'm new to this! Streaming gameplay, playtesting, art, cosplay, future gundam building. Wholesome: Neurodiversity ! Psychology! Anthropology! Obscure Literature!

About ???

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Hamsheep is my unintentional mascot Ask if you really want to know what it means Yumaya or Yumayah is my pen name. It means Moon Beauty and Evening. I am fluent in speaking: Hong Kong Cantonese Taishan Cantonese I know a bit of Quebec French Japanese PYTHON crying when I look at C# and C++ I am studying currently: Cantonese Reading/Writing Japanese Kanji Reading/Writing PYTHON C# (for Unity) I cosplay once a week with cosplays that I have either sewn or bought. I do both, No shame. This stream is mostly comedy like Monty Python and the holy grail, except I'm an Asian Canadian lady version of them. ;)


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pokedex layout is by Mr. Blocks Also the pokemon cafe layout is by Mr. Blocks as well! animated brb/ending/starting soon from OkamiStreamWorkshop D20 Badges by LDDesignsAU


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Extra-Life Children's Charity

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Donate and help children's hospitals! DO GOOD! BE GOOD! CLICK THE IMAGE FOR DONATING POWER!

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Buy me a beverage if you like ! Donate if you want to help me with medication costs :) Thank you! I will post art I do from the stream in here later ! CLICK TO BEHOLD MY KO-FI!


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Posts Psychology, Literature, Anthropology, Archaeology, Comics/Manga, Cosplay WIP, Narrative & Game Design! VN DEV LIFE! Click the bird to add me :)


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PS2, PS3, PS4 WiiU Switch PSP PSVita DS 3DS MSI GE62 Cyberconnect Desktop Prebuilt LENOVO Miix 700 Wacom Intuos pen & touch small Huion Drawing Tablet Kamvas 22

Neurodiversity Tribe & My Brain's Specs

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ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder): Mixed type human RAM (short term memory) dysregulated type Duration Blindness is compensated by the “DING” alarm every half hour. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) an acquired allergy gained through traumatic experience and injuries If I’m in so much pain as my trigger response, aka allergic reaction that I can’t stream, I’ll notify via schedule panel I sometimes take medication while streaming. No Medication shaming tolerated. No mental health stigma I have NO stigma towards mental health. I hope with my streams I promote a world that accepts neurodiversity as the norm. Not everyone needs medication, and those that do should not be humiliated for it. Let basic acceptance for one's dispositional stats become as easy as breathing :) That's my dream. That said, I realize I can not help but talk about psychology in my streams and how with better understanding, we can have a kinder and fairer world.

Notable Works

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Undergraduate Thesis on Pokemon and Autism Spectrum Disorder Narrative Perception, Expression and Socializing Augmentation via Design (my paper is titled Super Effective, I'll dig it up and upload it someday) Independent Undergraduate Thesis Comic "Fermate Il Passo! Passerby, Stay a moment!' Renaissance Italian Poetry converted to graphic novel Current in the works Visual Novel adaptation of Naomi's Road by Joy Kogawa (I'll self publish this when it's done) Published Games Sakura River Interactive: Fading Hearts Unlimited Game Works Episode 0 & 1 Bitr-Blok Games: Tram-Panic

Dear MSI

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I only want the dragon Please This is a real request I am also learning how to make panels

Currently Reading

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Ask Iwata Words of Wisdom from Satoru Iwata Nintendo's Legendary CEO Edited by Hobonichi The Tempest By William Shakespeare Little, Big by John Crowley The Witch and the Beast by Kousuke Satake