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Keeping it chill & casual. Comfy vibe streams - depending on the game I play (don't worry, I don't scream). I play variety of games - action, adventure & story/narrative based. Pursuer of meaningless, yet delightful preoccupations. Thanks for visiting.


#Thank you for joining me in this journey. - Some streams (mostly series starting on Mid-Late 2019) are transferred to my [Youtube channel]( - **Streams may constantly break due to poor Internet connection.** - Super casual & non-competitive gaming. Play on EZ & use guides/walkthroughs. - Generally chilled, laid back and low energy, but I do sometimes rant little (I try to stay "PG", but the narrative in the games might not be). - I play games for escapism. - Not looking for challenges & not focused on "beating" the game (non completionist). I will drop the game if I'm not feeling it anymore. - Change games semi regularly (even if I don't finish them) and sometimes within a short time (within 30 minutes). - Types of games (**PC**) played: action / adventure / story based / point & click / casual / puzzles (not a lot) / FPS / zone out / management / simulators / some arcade type games. - Mostly solo and main quests/campaign. - Might not say much (or have mic off); due to background noise or not wanting to make too much sound. Or just don't feel like saying anything at all. - Lurkers (silent viewers) are welcome. - Fine with you watching other streams at the same time. - No challenge runs and un-optimised builds. - Somewhat reserved personality. - If I'm slow to respond, it could be because I'm concentrating and/or there is a lag. - If I don't respond, it could be because I'm watching a cut scene, listening to a dialogue, I've missed what you've said or you've said something I don't want to respond to. - I do mispronounce words unfortunately. Apologies ahead of time.


(1) No bigotry, racism, hate speech, harassment, trolling, major dramas, offensive/edgy jokes & weird/creepy behaviors (there are personal boundaries). (2) Do not excessively use sexually explicit language. Minimise obscenities & vulgarities. If I find your name purposely offensive, I will not read it out. (3) Do not disguise/twist legitimate social/mental issues into troll jokes & destructive chats. I may not necessarily discuss specific political matter, as this is not a political forum. (4) No story spoilers. (5) Help/tips/hints are appreciated, but don't be forceful & I'm free to not take the advice. If I don't get what you're saying, that's ok. Wanting to be right is different from wanting to help. (6) Please don't spoil the mood. I play what I want & the way I want. I understand people have different tastes. I'm fine with some discussions and I admit I can make mistakes. However, if you have serious problem (i.e. very argumentative) with a game I'm playing or how I play a game, then please find another streamer that is to your liking. (7) I'm fine with some game suggestions &/or queries about what I might be playing next, but please don't force me to play a game. (8) No spamming, including all caps. (9) Please let me know before posting a link. (10) Likely not answer most personal questions. (11) Please do not give out your personal information. (12) This is not a place to provide counselling advice. I'm not a therapist. (13) Don't make others feel uncomfortable & don't bring people down. (14) I can change my mind anytime, please don't challenge me. (15) Do not jokingly break or twist the rules and argue with me. If I tell you to stop, please stop.


Not a complete list **Regular rotation:** Destiny 2 (Witchqueen?), AC Valhalla (hunting Zealots & Order of Ancients), Borderlands 3 (alternative char/DLCs), Core Keeper **Light rotation:** Person 5 Strikers, Yakuza 0, Cloudpunk, Kentucky Route Zero, Paradise Killers, Alba: A wildlife adventure, Mutazione, Sims 4, Stardew Valley **Checking out:** **Time out (indefinitely):** FFXIV (Stormblood), Read Dead Redemption 2, Nier: Automata, Yakuza 0, Ni no Kuni, Dishonored 2 **Want to get back to:** The Silver Case **Unsure if I want to play more:** **Recently Completed:** Ghostwire: Tokyo, Destiny 2 (Beyond Light), Far Cry 6, AC Origins Curse of the Pharaohs, God of War, AC Valhalla (main), Days Gone, Destiny 2 Forsaken (story), Marvel's Avengers (Main story, Kate Bishop, Hawkeye), Halo: CE, Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn


- Unpredictable streaming times. - Prone to interruptions. - Length of streams: ~30 min -> 2+ hrs. Weekdays (rough time frames) : 7:30 AM ET 4:30 AM PT 6:30 AM CT 12:30 PM CET 11:30 AM GMT 8:30 PM JST I could be on at any time on the weekends. I may take some days off from streaming too.

[ Additional stuff about me ]

I stream for the purpose of sharing my gaming experiences with viewers. It's nice to meet like minded people and those that happen to enjoy the journey. I don't intentionally stream as an entertainer. I stream when I have time, but I'm usually tired, so I might not say much. I can also become repetitive and/or forgetful. I may also sound somewhat disconnected, but it's nothing to be alarmed about. Please do pardon me if I misread or misinterpret what you say. Feel free to elaborate. I stream and casually play games to escape a bit and have fun, due to my mind state. I keep a distinct separation between what I do for enjoyment and what I do to make a living. I also don't play games looking for challenges (mostly) or to be the best at it. I'm definitely not here to prove anything. My approach is less about trying to check off the games from a long list & more about being lost in the moment. Of course there are times where I just want to clear off a game. You might notice that I don't talk about specific personal things. I like to have some level of anonymity and privacy. Don't worry about not knowing what to ask or not, I will let you know. Thank you in advance for checking and/or hanging out in my channel.