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Hi, I'm zer0. I speedrun Final Fantasies.

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# Commands ## Interactive: - !im - !lies (name) - !shadesofblack (target) - casts a random ff12 Black Magick on the target - !sob (target) - same as !shadesofblack - !wr (game) - finds the fastest time of the game on ## Category info: - !122333 - !160f - !ooa - !plat - !trilogy ## Game Mechanics: - !dcg - !penelo - !traveler # Tomatoes - Bless stream with good RNG (2000) - Curse stream with bad RNG (5000) - Make zer0 wear ugly sunglasses (7777 if zer0 is wearing Thor shirt, 77777 otherwise) - Rename a split (100k for regular split, 500k for final split) - Make zer0 wear hockey jersey (100k for Devils jersey, 200k for Finland or Thrashers jersey) You can earn tomatoes by watching the channel, following, participating in raids, cheering with bits and gifting subs. If you are subscribed, you can earn tomatoes faster. There are also often predictions held through which you can win tomatoes if you can predict what happens in the stream.
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Hey guys! I'm zer0, a Devils fan from Finland. I usually do Final Fantasy Speedruns main game being FF12. I hope you enjoy your stay!
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There are many ways to support the stream. You can - donate by clicking the Chocobo above. - subscribe to gain access to my channel emotes and to be able to watch the stream without ads. - follow to get notified whenever I go live - cheer with bits during the streams Thank you <3 Here are some prices that can be obtained: - FF9 Any%: 95€ - FFX Any%: 140€ - FF12 Any%: 60 € - FF13 Any%: 55 € - Lightning Returns: Any%: 25 € - FF13-2 Any%: 30 € - FF15 Any%: 70 € - KH2 Any%: 45 € - FF12 Fishing% 10 € - 100 stages of running mini game in FF12: 100 € - FF12 NLBLLG 800€
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Final Fantasy XII: Q: Why not play the Zodiac Age? A: Speedruns of the original version are much more interesting. Because there's no speedup or input lag on PS2 version, you can execute more delicate strats on it. Q: What does Traveler do? A: Traveler is a Technick that can deal a guaranteed 9900-9990 damage to an enemy if you manipulate the step counter properly. Q: Will you go for the Zodiac Spear? A: No, we have better means of dealing damage (reflecting spells), Zodiac Spear takes too long to get, and it would require too many license points for us to be able to afford it. Q: What is OoA? A: Order of Ambrosia is basically the 100% category of FF12. Q: Why don't you call it 100% then? A: 100% is difficult to define. Do you have to get 99 of all items? Do you have to talk to every single NPC? etc. Q: What does 122333 mean? A: 122333 is the low level challenge of FF12. The goal is to beat the game with lowest levels possible. (Vaan lv 1, Balthier/Fran lv 2, Basch/Ashe/Penelo lv 3) Q: How come are you leveling up Penelo if you're doing 122333? A: Penelo's level gets recalculated when she joins the party on Leviathan. This means you can grind for money while she briefly joins your party earlier.