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Hello Everyone. I'm ZevTheGreat but I'm known to my friends as Zev. Games have been part of my life since the Super Nintendo days and it will always be part of my life. Hope you all enjoy the content I bring to this channel and Welcome to the ZTG Community!

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Welcome to my channel. I am ZevtheGreat55. Games has been my second love since I picked up the super Nintendo controller and will always be a part of me. My systems consist of an Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Gaming PC. My favorite games consist of Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Halo, Overwatch, Legend of Zelda, and Mario just to name a few.


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Donations are never necessary but anyone who does I very much appreciate the support. All Donations will go towards improving the stream. Click/Tap the Pic to get to my Donation and Store Page!

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I don't mind the cussing here and there or the smart remarks and trash talk, as long as its civil and good sport, but there will be **ABSOULETLY**, + **no threats of any kind** - **no sexual harassment** * **racism** * **bigotry** * **no advertising/self promotion!** * **no backseat gaming (I don't mind for people to give me tips, suggestions but I play the way I play don't come in here to chastise, or come in with an attitude. I want my streams to be fun and without drama. We are here to get away from the everyday drama please don't bring any here). Plain and Simple, if you don't like what you see please be respectful and move on** * **Keep the Saltiness and Bitterness to yourself** * **Anything else that makes me and my viewers uncomfortable** * **3 Strike Rule: 1st: Warning, 2nd: Time out, 3rd: Banned** I want to have a great gaming environment and for everyone to have fun while I play games by myself, with my team and friends, and especially for you all, the viewers, watching the stream.