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Possessed animatronic that games, does commentary, and other internet insanity! Come down to the sideshow!


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Wanna buy or suggest me stuff, well here's your place!


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Hello and Heyo, my name's Zozo! Welcome to the Marvelous Mechanical Maniacal Menagerie! It's a simple one ring show with plenty of sideshow acts for your entertainment! Mind your hands as most of us are animatronic! This stream is a variety of things, from chill to chaos, from horror to wholesome! We're happy to have you!


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Click the image to be taken to the Discord! We're working on setting up channels for secret streams like films, music, and shows!


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Rules of the show! 🔴No hate speech, slurs, or TOS in chat, or on TTS redeems! 🔴No spam! If you have something that requires spam(like a long story), please ask! 🔴Politics and religion are not off limits, but keep it civil. 🔴PLEASE don't spam redeems, it's more detrimental to others than it is to me. 🔴We talk about streams and creators pretty regularly, however, please don't blatantly self promote. 🔴ENJOY THE SHOW!

Bit Rewards!

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1 5 (jumpscare) 13 68 69 1000 (alert AND emote) 5000


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Commands with ! are for everyone, others are SUB only! !mother SPIN


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[Profile and banner pic were commissioned from Noa and Riproid]( [3d model by Leo]( [Current 2d model by Rimexin]( [Current Ref Sheet by LightDizzy]( [Emotes]( [Panels by Trysnau](


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