Hello I'm Zyon. I would like to make broadcasting my career but to do that I need your help, follow subscribe and donate if you can. All donations go towards a new gaming computer and more games to make my content better. I try to broadcast every day so come back I'd love to hear from you.


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join my discord and chat about NMS D&D and JRPGs or just RPGs in general enjoy
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About me

Hello I'm Zyon I do Weekly Streams of D&D here on twitch every sunday at 330 pm EST. The players are in ABC order Ignis Fiendblood the Fighter, Shale the Warlock, Shin Raincloud the Bard, Taurus the Monk, Valix the Blood Mage, and Zume the Rogue. If you would like to support the stream you can do that by hitting the follow button. You can interact with the game by using your Sigils my digital currency that you earn by simply watching the stream. You can change the outcome of rolls, gift gold to your fav. pc, as well as other things. I do hope you enjoy and if you do be sure to let me know in the chat box I'd love to Hear from you. Word of warning everyone is welcome here i DO NOT stand for any discrimination what so ever that being said should i mislabel/or mis-gender you I simple lmk and i will use the one you specify. Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you back here for the next stream farewell and stay safe.

Donate to me.

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All donations go to new games and my bills for my house thank you very much for the donation and you dont need to feel any obligation to donate im happy with just having you as my viewer.