As Twitch people go I am definitely older (just look at the profile pic). I am still learning twitch. I guess I am going to end up a variety streamer since I have a lot of interests.


My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/atomicsupergeek/ My techy site https://www.atomicsupergeek.com/ Tips (Not required but appreciated) https://streamelements.com/atomicsupergeek/tip

About Me

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So I am really new to twitch. I heard about it from my son and from my wife's son. I got on once and was fascinated with what I saw. Then one night when my son and his friends were playing Mario Kart I joked about how I was going to start streaming on twitch. I said it as a joke. Hey, I am 59 years old. Definitely NOT a youngster. They all started to say I needed to do it though. Their words were basically "Yeah people would love watching an old guy for a change". So here I am. I am just starting but hope to get some normal scheduled stuff going. I am starting with cooking streams. I might do some sewing for theater or cosplay costumes. Eventually I will probably do some photo shoot stuff too. So keep checking back to see what I have going.


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Coming soon. Still working out details

System Specs

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**Computer** ASUS ROG GL752VZ laptop Logitech C930 webcam Aukey Microphone **Cooking Streaming** MPow Bluetooth headset and laptop webcam as well