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Idk what I’m doing but I enjoy doing is

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Hi, I'm Fizzy. I like playing games with friends and vibing to musicals. I try to make my streams entertaining but we'll see what happens. Started Streaming: 1/25/2021
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Every Day (tee hee)
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[TroubleTwT]( [TroubleSMP]( [V-Tuber Creator]( [My Boyfriend](


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Common Questions

Q:Age A: Old enough to stream Q: Height A: Tall Enough Q:Why don’t you face reveal? A: I just really don’t want to Q: When Will You Face Reveal? A: Not anytime soon Q: Where Do You Live? A: The State of Constant Fear or the US same difference Q: Ethnicity A: Asian Q: Pronouns A: She/Her or They/Them Q: Why don’t you commonly type the word “it” A: OCD Reasons Q: What's your Zodiac Sign? A: Leo
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