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Hello! Call me Frosty! I'm a writer, gamer, and voice actor. I stream my Scenic Design Work (Drafting/3D Modeling) as well as Marvel Strike Force! I don't stream it yet but I'm also an avid retro gamer!


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None yet! AMA!


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Good-natured joking and playing around is encouraged. Don't get carried away but have fun. -No racial comments. Zero tolerance. -Try to keep it clean. I'm still working on my bots it typically minds more than I do. -No links without permission. DM me if you want something shared. -Hang out and Have Fun.


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Frosty Austy is my rap name. I work in theatre so I stream various projects I'm working on focusing on Sketchup and Photoshop. But also I love video games. I'm a big retro gamer. I'm currently ADDICTED to Marvel Strike Force which is the main thing I stream and not retro at all. I also have passions for Music and Movies so feel free to talk about any of the above!


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Anyone that subs or leaves a $5 donation can pick an MSF character for me to do a Frosty Feature on. NO REPEATS!