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I laugh louder than your dad | Nonbinary, Queer, AuDHD | Email:

About Me!

My name is Kaeli! (pronounced Kay-Lee) I am a non-binary and autistic person with ADHD. I'm pretty loud as a person and I care a lot. I have a cat named Valerie and I live with my partner, Greg. My major hobbies are gardening and cannabis. My favorite color is green. My favorite games right now are Earthbound and Elden Ring.


- This is an 18+ ONLY stream. Please do not talk about age. - Please be mindful of triggering topics. We care about mental health, but this community is for everyone to feel safe. - Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism, Ableism, or Xenophobia will not be tolerated. - Please do NOT make lewd jokes. - Please do NOT make jokes about pronouns. - *Personal Preference*: Please don't mention view counts. I get anxious thinking about it. - Lurkers are loved and welcome! If someone is lurking, let them relax and don't call them out. - Be kind and have fun!

Channel Art

**EMOTES** Justice: [Twitter]( [Website]( [Twitch]( BristleBearHog: [Twitter]( [Website](


**Slimechu | Picrew** [Website]( Artist: VoidDebris [Twitter]( [Website]( **PNG Kaeli | Picrew** [Website]( Artist: PepperJackets [Twitter](

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