リトルタヌーメン (tanuux)

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Hi, I am tanuux. リトルタヌーメン is nickname from my favorite streamer! I'm Japanese and living in Canada. Puzzle games and ... 2D games? I don't like most of the games but I like games...It's complicated. I am pretty chatty and love to talk to viewers. 

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**Announcement ( Jan 12th, 2022 )** Because of I started studying new stuff in school, I won't be streaming as much as before until I get used to study. It is harder than I thought! oops! I will try my 120%. Whenever I have chances, I will stream...so...See ya later!


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*Updated on Sep 19th, 2021 I am Japanese and living in Canada. I love eating and watching Youtube I play some puzzle games recently. If you have any recommendations to play, feel free to let me know. *** I get bored SO easily. I am such a quitter. *** Even when I am speaking Japanese, It is okaaaay to say Yo to me. I will respond in English. Games ... Twelve minutes, Automachef, World of tanks, A Hat in time(Nah), The gardens between, Untitled goose game, CELESTE, Halo, My time at portia and puzzle games Foods... Sushi, Omurice, Pho and Bubble tea _______ カナダに住んでいる日本人です。食べることとYoutubeを見るのが大好き。 最近はもっぱらパズルゲームをしていて、おすすめがあったら教えてほしいです。 鬼のように飽き性なので、そこはすまん。 英語で話しているときも遠慮なく!どうか!遠慮などせず!”こんちくわぶ”と声をかけてください。 夢はぺこランドに移住することです。にんじんは嫌いですよろしくお願いします。


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Bubble tea money