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I'm a gamer that loves games. I play almost any genre with an emphasis on story based RPGs. I also like to voice act them.


If you donate 50 bits, you will get a random alert to pop up. If we're doing gacha pulls and you pull the SSR alert we will swap between skip gang and slow gang on rolls.


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Donate and keep me alive. All donations are put towards improving the stream quality and helping me not starve. Donating is scientifically proven to make you look better and will 100% result in compliments.


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My Youtube channel houses vods for any game playthroughs I do on stream, along with any guides I make. If you ever miss a stream for a story based game, you can find it on there! Yaaaaay ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ::・'゚☆。.::・'゚★。.::・'゚☆。ワーイ!!


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Follow me on Twitter for stream updates, youtube updates, and dumb ramblings from me! Also I retweet lots of lewds

Speedrun PBs

DS1 All bosses: 1:23:48 IGT DS3 All bosses: 1:28:05 IGT Cuphead All bosses: 38:34 RTA Super Mario Odyssey: 1:20:45 RTA