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Last live last year

Name's Varsuuvius. I don't stream a lot but I love TTRPGs and playing with friends. Let's chat a bit while here!

Character/Party Information

We are playing the 5th Edition of D&D. Everyone is an official class but our Wizard is using the Lore Mastery subclass from an Unearthed Arcana. We all rolled stats using 4d6 and dropping the lowest number. While we have no homebrew classes or anything of the sort, some characters have abilities that are spliced or similar to those of other classes or unofficial ones, so if something sounds like a character shouldn't have it, that is as intended. I mostly follow the written rules for the game but I will often overrule or change things as feels appropriate. The players seem to enjoy the extra abilities and that's my priority, to keep my players happy.

Basic Info

My name is Varsuuvius and I like games of all sorts. Just here to chill and have fun with anyone who wants to be a part of my little gaming world. Most streams here are going to be of my bi-weekly D&D session. We play at 12PM PST every other Saturday.

Stratera Information

Panel Content
These are the members of the Stratera: From left to right: Alexandra Elridridge: Human Lore Master Wizard. Played by Mary KOS-MOS Senagume Katane: Half-Orc Gloom Stalker Ranger. Played by Jaybellz Gilrich Battlebottle: Dwarf Life Cleric. Played by Aftershockzap Biesile Faye: Tiefling Kensei Monk played by FrankieRose Dasyra Silverlight: Aasimar Land Druid. Played by Desybell Vash Cinderhulk: Dragonborn Vengeance Paladin. Played by Bakerboi

D&D Story/Setting Information

Our D&D Campaign takes place in Tal'dorei in the world of Exandria. The very same from Critical Role. Our campaign began 5 years after the attempted world domination by the Lich-God Vecna. While most countries have had a relative peace during these 5 years, a new threat known as the Kaiser Oblivion has been working from the shadows to shatter the separation of the Gods from the Material Plane. The Stratera have thwarted some of his schemes but have not yet been able to topple the Kaiser himself. What happens next, is yet to be discovered.