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Casual FFXIV Raider and Action/RPG player, games w/ friends and some variety.

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1. No racism, sexism, homophobic/transphobic slurs, comments or discrimination. 2. Positive comments and good vibes here, negativity doesn't belong in my chat. 3. Respect other people's choices in games, anime, hobbies or past times. 4. Use of cursing and profanities is permitted in moderation, no excessive use. 5. No self-promoting, or advertising other channels/videos in chat unless permitted by me. 6. No spamming, all caps, emojis, non-constructive content will be flagged in chat automagically. 7. No religious or political discussions, if you want to have that I'm sure your mother-in-law will oblige, not me. 8. This is a safe place for fellow weebs, "gaymers", LGBTQIA and others to gather, no exceptions.

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- FFXIV Online - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - God of War: Ascension - God of War HD - God of War II - League of Legends - Persona 3/4/5 - Skyrim - Pokemon Sw/Sh - I am Setsuna - Among Us More to come!

Who is Varya EX?

Hi! I'm Varya EX, and thanks for stopping by! I'm a pretty easy going, fun and mildly serious gamer, who tries their best and enjoys playing games with friends. I like all forms of entertainment including anime, so let me know what your favorites are! Thanks for checking out my channel!